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Whitelist Application Form

Post  Facity on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:17 am

So you want to be whitelisted on our awesome server huh? Razz

Well first thing is first, I'm going to need you too fill out an application form so I know I can trust you, the last thing I want is griefers on the server.
Once you fill in the application form I will review your application and decide whether or not to give you whitelist.

Remember the server only has 20 slots so getting whitelisted is quite hard at the moment.
There will be a system set up shortly for donaters and how they gain access, but for now, you normal lot can apply here.

If you were to get whitelisted, your forum account would be upgraded where you can view the rest of the forum, and the thread in which you will find the IP address.

How to apply:
Copy the application code and paste it in a [NEW TOPIC]. Remember, we only have a 20 slot server. So, please give a creative and detail explanation on why you wish to join our server. One line answers will not help you in your application. Please provide 3-4 sentences per question when you write your application. It will slightly improve your chances into being whitelisted on our servers.

Example of a good application:Zeus's Application

APPLICATION FORM (Copy the code below)
[b]1. What is your Minecraft and JTV username?[/b]

[b]2. How Long you've been playing Minecraft for?[/b]

[b]3. When did you first start watching the stream?[/b]

[b]4. Why do you want to play on the server?[/b]

[b]5. What would you bring to the server?[/b]

[b]6. Tell me about yourself, and in short why you should be whitelisted.[/b]

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