The Livestream!

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The Livestream!

Post  Facity on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:39 am

So as you all know I livestream, with a schedule aswell. People who have come to the forum from the livestream will know all the information in this post, for those who haven't been to the livestream! everything you'll need to know will be in this post!

The Livestream!
So the livestream is located at and is a gaming stream, primarily focused on streaming Minecraft. There is only one person who streams to this channel, which is moi, although I often have Gary tucked away in the corner streaming with me.

The stream is a daily stream, with a loose schedule set up:

Mon - 5-10PM GMT
TUE - 5-10PM GMT
WED - 5-10PM GMT
THU - 5-10PM GMT
FRI - 5-10PM GMT

SAT - Anytime | Any Game.
SUN - Anytime | Any Game.

The stream has a few strick rules we stick too:

NO excessive use of caps! We understand sometimes caps are needed to get a point across, don't overstep it though.
NO SHITTY MINT GREEN CHAT COLOUR! For the love of god, have a standard/dark chat colour, the light ones are hard to read, and actually hurt my eyes sometimes.
NO Links, Moobot will delete any links posted without persmission

Lastly, respect mine and the mods decisions.

Any planned events/Marathons will be posted in the forum, so in case you miss them announced on stream you will find them here!

So I hope to see all you guys at the livestream! and enjoy!

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