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Post  justaturtlegamer on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:42 am

1. What is your Minecraft and JTV username?

My minecraft name is: daneboy45 and my JTV name is justaturtlegamer

2. How Long you've been playing Minecraft for?

I have been playing since 1.6.5 I think but im not too sure on the end bit? but for a long time...

3. When did you first start watching the stream?

uhh i first started watching in ummm i believe it was round summer time sorry i cant remember its been a while it was when he was working on his adventure map.

4. Why do you want to play on the server?

I have played on many servers and all of them have lag so i would be looking forward to a lag free server with a friendly community that wount grief you when your not there like the other servers i've been on.

5. What would you bring to the server?

I would bring a friendly personality to the server and im always willing to help other people like i will help players that need help on their builds. Also I am will bring cool builds that have had a lot of effort put into them. but im afraid i wount be able to make veride's EPIC dirt build

6. Tell me about yourself, and in short why you should be whitelisted.

I am 14 soon 15 (yay) and I build lots of stuff. Im allright with redstone. I have a youtube and no life so im on this pretty much on this all the time. I like to build good stuff and not bad builds. I have an unfortunate ocd to make things even. I like to play basketball Basketball and im allright but i have no idea what thats got to do with this so i wount talk about that any more. I should be whitelisted because i can help other people build. Build cool stuff. Work on cool contraptions (being redstone). And being generally nice.

I hope you accept this Smile


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Re: Application Forum

Post  DTG on Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:25 am

"I hope you accept this"

Wish granted.

Welcome aboard Turtle Smile


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